Friday, August 2, 2013

Simple Names: Abbra, Blerta, Junia, or Yeva

Check out here, 100 simple names for baby girls, eg: Abbra, Blerta, Doroga, Junia, or Yeva, with their meanings.

1. ABBRA (Others name) that means - example, lesson
2. ADIANA — the night's falling reveals the angels' beauty (American)
3. AFRA — young dear (Arabic)
4. AIRIEL — lion of God (Modern English)
5. ALEYA — to ascend, highly exalted (Modern English)
6. AMHIKA — mother (Indian)
7. AMINIA — faithful (African)
8. AZAR — fire, scarlet (Iranian)
9. BIVI — peace (Modern English)
10. BLATH — little flower (Irish)

100 Easy Names: Adalyn, Aria, Danae, Israya, or Zoraya

Find out a hundred easy and simple names for baby girls only, eg: Adalyn, Aria, Danae, Israya, or Zoraya, with their meanings.

1. ADALYN (Teutonic name) that means - noble, kind
2. AHAVA — cherished one, love (Hebrew)
3. AIRLIA — ethereal (Greek)
4. AKILA — intelligent (Egyptian)
5. ALIKA — love (Arabic)
6. AMBU — water (Hindu)
7. AMELIE — industrious, admiring (French)
8. AMERIA — ruler of the home (Modern English)
9. ANNISA — joy, pleasure (Modern English)
10. ARGOUS — mythical name (Latin)

Simple Names: Abbi, Anca, Breezy, Jukka, or Zita

These are 100 simple and easy names for baby girls, eg: Abbi, Anca, Breezy, Jukka, or Zita, with their meanings.

1. ABBI (Modern English name) that means - God is joy
2. ÃGATA — spanish form of Agatha (Spanish)
3. AILYN — lovely beauty (Modern English)
4. AINHOA — reference to virgin Mary (Basque)
5. AJHA — goat (Modern English)
6. AKANKE — to know her is to love her (Nigerian)
7. AKINA — spring flower (Japanese)
8. ALEKE — protector of mankind (Modern English)
9. ALENA — pretty, light (Greek)
10. ALUMIT — secret (Israeli)

100 Simple Names: Adair, Areta, Dena, Iulia, or Zuria

A hundred simple names for baby girls, eg: Adair, Areta, Dena, Iulia, or Zuria, with their meanings. Find out bellow:

1. ADAIR (Gaelic name) that means - oak tree ford
2. ADYANA — noble, kind, gracious (Modern English)
3. AHALYA — wife of sage gautama (Hindu)
4. ALEAN — torch (Modern English)
5. ALEEN — light (Greek)
6. ALEJO — the protector (derived from Alicia) (Hispanic)
7. ALIMAH — cultured; wise; knows dance and music (Arabic)
8. ALIVIA — Elf army (English)
9. ALYDAH — small winged one (Latin)
10. ANANDA — joyful (Hindu)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Girl Names Related to "Stars, Moon, Sun light, Rainbows..."

Two hundreds baby girl names that associated with stars, moon, sun, rainbow, and things in the sky. Check out these names with their origins and meanings here!

1. ACIDALIA (Latin) => Venus
2. AITHERIA (Greek) => The wind
3. AITI (Dutch) => Earth
4. AIZEA (Basque name) => means "Wind"
5. ALHENA (Arabic) => A ring: star in the constellation Gemini
6. ALLITA (Greek) => Earth mother goddess
7. ANILA (Sanskrit) => The wind
8. APOLLINE (Greek) => Sunlight
9. APOLLONIA (Latin/Greek) => Belonging to Apollo
10. APRIL (Indonesian) => the month of April

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby Girl Names Related to 'Fire or Flame'

See here, best picked baby girl names that mean "fire" or "flame" at Baby-Girlnames site.
The origin of these interesting names are Irish, Hebrew, Arabic, Celtic, Turkish, Indian, Persian, German, English, Italian and Hawaiian.
1. AIDAN; Aideen (Irish) => Little fire.
2. ADAR; Adara (Hebrew) => Fire.
3. AFROZA (Arabic) => Light from fire.
4. AINE; Aithne (Celtic) => Fire or joy.
5. ALEV (Turkish) => Flame.
6. ANALA (Indian) => Fiery.
7. ANGARIKA (Indian) => Flame of the forest.
8. ARATI (Indian) => Divine fire in a ritual.
9. ARDERE (Latin) => Fire.
10. ATESH (Turkish) => Flame.
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Names Related to 'Gold or Golden' for Girls

Find out our latest best picked baby girl names that mean "gold" or "golden" at Baby-Girlnames site.

The origin of these good names: Hungarian, Latin, Spanish, Irish, English, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Indian, and French.

- ARANKA; Arany (Hungarian) => Gold.
- ARELA (Latin) => Golden.
- ARELLA (Spanish) => Golden.
- AUMIA (Irish) => Golden lady.
- AUREA (Latin) => Golden.
- AURELIA (Hungarian) => Gold.
- AURELIA (English, Latin, Spanish) => Golden.
- AURELIANA (Spanish) => Gold.
- AURELIE; Aureline; Aurene (Latin) => Golden.
- AURIEL; Aurielle; Aurum (Latin) => Golden.

Check out baby names that mean "gold" or "golden" for girls: