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300 Names That Mean Water

YOU just found 300 baby girl names that mean "water, sea, river, brook, wave, rain, or waterfall" here. Check out these watery names with origin and meaning that suit your newborn!

Popular baby girl names with meaning "waters" and were recorded in the United States of America, as shown at www.ssa.gov until late of November 2013:

#21. BROOKLYN : English origin means "water or stream".
#75. MORGAN : Welsh name means "dweller of the sea".
#86. BROOK : English name meanings "one who lived near a brook"
#129. BROOKLYNN : a variant name of Brooklyn. Popular one in Canada
#132. ADRIANA : the Adriatic sea region - Very popular in Spain
#134. JENNIFER : means "white wave" - common given name in Netherlands
#154. VIVIAN : the Lady of the Lake - ranked 470 in Netherlands
#177. ADRIANNA : A woman from Adria - usage: English and Polish
#204. CORA : Seething pool - popular baby girl name in Northern Ireland
#222. CHELSEA : English name means "sea port". Popular in NSW, Australia.

More girl names that associated with "waters" in the top 500 baby girl names in the United States: Genevieve (232), Marissa (257), Nadia (269), Talia (431), Viviana (462), and Lana (486).

Find out more baby girl names which mean "water" in three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or more letters:


KAI (Hawaiian): unisex name means "the sea", ranked #886 in the US
LIN (English): waterfall
LYN (Anglo Saxon): a cascade - popular name in Netherlands, ranked #15
LYN (English): waterfall - short form of Linda.
RAN (Japanese): a flower name "water lily"
RAN (Norse): sea Goddess
RAN (Scandinavian): Norse Goddess of the sea (Ron)
RIA (Spanish): from the river's mouth
RIO (Spanish): river
TAL (Hebrew): dew of heaven
ULA (Celtic): Sea jewel
UNA (Celtic/Welsh): white wave - popular baby name in Croatia ranked #92.


ABAN (Persian) that means "waters; name of an angel"
ADRA (Latin) - from Adria (the adriatic sea region)
ADVA (Hebrew) - rippling water
ARVA (Latin) - from the seashore
CARI (Turkish) - flows like water
CETO (Greek) - goddess of the sea
CORA (Scottish) - seething pool
EBBA (English) - flowing tide
GLAN (Welsh) - from the shore
HAMA (Japanese) - shore, beach
KAIA (Hawaiian) - the sea
LAGE (Swedish) - from the sea
LANA (Hawaiian) - afloat; calm as still waters
LYNN (Anglo Saxon) - a cascade
LYNN (English) - waterfall
MERI (Finnish) - sea
MESI (Egyptian) - water
NAMI (Japanese) - surf, wave
RIVA; RIVE (French) - from the shore - short form of Rebecca (hebrew)
STYX (Greek) - a river of the under world
TYNA; TYNE (English) - river
YOKI (Native American / Hopi) - rain


ADREA (Latin) - from Adria (the adriatic sea region)
ADRIA (Latin) - from Adria, ranked #89 in spain
ADRIE (Dutch / Latin) - from the adriatic
AEDRE (Anglo Saxon) - stream
ARVIA (Latin) - from the seashore
BROOK (English) - water; stream
DALIS; DALIT (Hebrew) - drawing water
DARYA (Persian) - sea
DELMA (Spanish) - of the sea
DIONA; DIONE (English) - from the sacred spring
DOREA; DORIA (Greek) - of the sea
EDLEN (English) - noble waterfall
EDLIN; EDLYN (English) - noble waterfall
GALIT (Hebrew) - fountain
GENNA; GENNY (English) - white wave
JALEH (Persian) - dew, rain
JENNY (Celtic) - white wave
KELBY (Gaelic) - place by the fountain; spring
KELDA (Norse) - fountain or from the ship's island
KELDA; KELDE (Scandinavian) - a spring
KISHI (Japanese) - beach, seashore
LAMIA (Latin) - daughter of poseidon
LEENA (Irish) - wet meadow
LETHE (Greek) - river of oblivion
LYNNA; LYNNE (Anglo Saxon) - a cascade
MAMIA; MAREA; MARIN; MARIS (Latin) - of the sea
MARNA (Scandinavian) - the sea
MARYN; MERIS (Latin) - of the sea
MUIEL: MUREL (Irish) - knows the sea
NADAH (Arabic) - dew, moisture
NADIA (Arabic) - having dew on the surface
NAHLA (Arabic) - a drink of water
NAIDA (Greek) - water nymph
NERIS (Latin) - named for the nereides
NIMUE (Arthurian Legend) - the lady of the lake
NIXIE (German) - little water sprite
RHODE (Latin) - daughter of Poseidon
RILLA; RILLE (German) - brook
ROCIO (Spanish) - dew drops
SADAF (Persian) - sea shell
TALIA; TALYA (Hebrew) - dew of heaven
TAURA (Japanese) - many lakes; many rivers.
UMIKO (Japanese) - child of the sea


ABERFA (Welsh) - from the mouth of the river
ADRINA (Latin) - from adria (the adriatic sea region)
AEGAEA (Latin) - from the aegean sea
AFSHAK (Persian) - dew
APULIA (Latin) - from the river apulia
ARAXIE (Armenian) - a river said to inspire poetic expression
ASSANA; ASSANE (Irish) - waterfall
BENING (Indonesian) - clear water
BROOKE (English) - water; stream
CALLAN (Scandinavian) - flowing water
CRAGEN (Welsh) - sea shell
DELMAR (Spanish) - of the sea
DELORA (Latin) - from the seashore
DIONNA; DIONNE (English) - from the sacred spring
DORIAN; DORIEN (Greek) - of the sea
EARWYN (English) - friend of the sea
EIRENE; EPHYRA (Latin) - daughter of Poseidon
ERWINA; ERWYNA (English) - friend of the sea
EUADNE (Latin) - daughter of poseidon
GENEVA (Italian) - white wave
HAMAKO (Japanese) - child of the shore
ITSASO (Spanish) - sea
JHARNA (Indian) - a spring
JHARNA (Sanskrit) - a small brook
KEVSER (Turkish) - name of a river in paradise
LATINE (Latin) - sea gull
MALILA (Native American / Miwok) - fast salmon swimming up a rippling stream
MAREEN; MARENA (Latin) - of the sea
MARINA (Latin / Russian) - of the sea
MARINE; MARIZA (Latin) - of the sea
MASIKA (Egyptian) - born during rain
MERIEL (English) - shining sea
MERISE (Latin) - of the sea
MIZUKO (Japanese) - water child (pure character)
MORCAN (Welsh) - bright sea
MORGAN (Celtic) - dweller of the sea
MORGAN (Welsh) - from the shore of the sea
MURIEL (Celtic) - shining sea
NAGISA (Japanese) - the seashore
NAUNET (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of the ocean
NAUTIA (Latin) - from the sea
NAWFAR (Arabic) - water lily
NEBULA (Latin) - misty
NERICE (Greek) - from the sea
NERIDA; NERIED; NERINA (Greek) - the sea nymphs
NERINA (Latin) - named for the nereides
NERINE (Greek) - the sea nymphs
NERINE (Latin) - named for the nereides
NERITA (Greek) - from the sea
NINEVE (Arthurian Legend) - the lady of the lake
NIRETA (Greek) - from the sea
NYNEVE (Arthurian Legend) - the lady of the lake
ORABEL (English) - beautiful seacoast
PAMUYA (Native American / Hopi) - water moon
PAVATI (Native American / Hopi) - clear water
PUAKAI (Hawaiian) - ocean flower, sea blossom
RHODOS (Latin) - daughter of Poseidon
RILLIA; RILLIE (German) - brook
ROBEAB (Persian) - sweeping waters
SCYLLA (Greek) - a sea monster
SHIZUE (Japanese) - quiet inlet
TALORA; TALORI (Hebrew) - morning's dew
TEFNUT (Egyptian) - atmospheric moisture
TETHYS (Greek) - wife of oceanus
TORLAN (Welsh) - from the river bank
UNDINA; UNDINE (Latin) - of the waves
VANORA (Welsh) - white wave
VIVIAN (English) - the lady of the lake
VIVIEN (Arthurian Legend) - another name for the lady of the lake
VIVIEN (French) - the lady of the lake
ZHALEH (Persian) - dew, rain


ADRIANA (Latin): From Adria (the Adriatic sea region)
ADRIANE; ADRIENE (French): A woman from Adria
AEGATES (Latin): From the Aegates
AERWYNA (English): Friend of the sea
AFSHANG (Persian): Dew
AMADAHY (Native American): Forest water (Cherokee)
ANAHITA (Persian): Goddess of water
BEVERLY (English): Woman from the beaver meadow. Beaver stream.
BRIMLAD (Anglo Saxon): Seaway
CHELSEA (Anglo Saxon): Sea port
CHUMANI (Native American / Sioux): Dewdrops
DELMARA (Spanish): Of the sea
DELMARE (French): Of the sea
DELORAS; DELOROS (Latin): From the seashore
DIONDRA (English): From the sacred spring
DORIANA (Greek): Of the sea
EARWINE (English): Friend of the sea
EARWYNA (English): Friend of the sea
ELDORIS (Greek): Of the sea
INGEMAR (Norse): Of the sea
IRVETTA; IRVETTE (English): Friend of the sea
JEEVIKA (Indian): Water
KAILANI (Hawaiian): Sea and sky
KAWTHAR (Arabic): River in Paradise
KISHIKO (Japanese): Child of the seashore
LARAINE (Latin): Sea gull
MAREENA (Latin): Of the sea
MARELLA (Celtic / Irish): Shining sea.
MARESSA (Latin): Of the sea
MARICIA (Latin): Of the sea
MARILLA (Celtic or Irish): Shining sea.
MARITZA (German): Of the sea
MARYSSA; MERISSA (Latin): Of the sea
MORGANA (Celtic): Dweller of the sea - Feminine form of Morgan
MORGANA (Welsh): From the shore of the sea
MORGANE (Celtic): Dweller of the sea
MORGANN (Welsh): Bright sea
MORGANT (Welsh): From the shore of the sea
MOSELLE (Hebrew): From the water
NARISSA (Greek): Sea nymph
NEBULIA (Latin): Misty
NEREIDA; NEREYDA (Greek): Sea nymph
NERISSA (Greek): From the sea
NIMIANE (Arthurian): The Lady of the Lake
PEIRENE (Latin): Lover of Poseidon
PELAGIA (Greek): Dweller by the sea
RUDABEH (Persian): River water
SHABNAN (Persian): Raindrop, dew
SOKANON (Native American Algonquin): Rain
STRUANA (Scottish): From the stream
TALULAH (Native American Choctaw): Leaping water
TISHTAR (Persian): Angel of rain
UNDINIA (Latin): Of the waves
VENILIA (Latin): Of the sea and winds
VIVIANA (English): the Lady of the Lake
VIVIANE (Arthurian Legend): Another name for The Lady of the Lake
VIVIANE (French): The Lady of the Lake


ABENAHIR (Persian): Water of a stream or canal
ADREANNA; ADRIANNA; ADRIANNE (French): A woman from Adria
ADRIELLE (Latin): From Adria
ADRIENNA (Latin): From Adria (the Adriatic sea region)
ADRIENNE (French): A woman from Adria - French feminine form of Adrian
AFSHANEH (Persian): Sprinkling, scattering
AVONMORA (Irish): From the great river
BEVERLEE (English): Beaver stream
BEVERLEY (English): Woman from the beaver meadow. Beaver stream.
BROOKLYN (English): Water; stream
CHENELLE (French): Canal; channel
CORDELIA (Celtic): Of the sea
CORDELIA (Welsh): Jewel of the sea
DORIANNA; DORIANNE; DORIENNE (Greek): means "of the sea"
EATHELIN; EATHELYN (English): Noble waterfall
FONTANNE (French): Fountain; spring
GENOVEVA; GENOWEFA (German): White wave
HALIMEDA (Greek): Thinking of the sea
LAUSANNE (Arthurian Legend): Lake Geneva
LEUCONOE (Latin): Daughter of Poseidon
LORRAINE (Latin): Sea gull
MEREDITH (Celtic): Protector of the sea
MORGAINE (Welsh): Bright sea
MORGANCE (Celtic): Dweller of the sea
MORGAYNE (Irish): bright sea
MORWENNA (Welsh): Ocean waves
ORABELLE (English): Beautiful seacoast
RILLETTA; RILLETTE (English): Stream
THALASSA (Greek): From the sea
THALASSA (Latin): Mediterranean
VIVIANNA (English): the Lady of the Lake
VIVIANNE (English): see Vivianna "the lady of the lake"
YARDENAH (Hebrew): From the river Jordan


ARDVISURA (Persian): Brilliant waters, angel of the Sacred Waters
BROOKLYNN (English): Water; stream
CHARYBDIS (Latin): Daughter of Poseidon
COTOVATRE (Arthurian): Name of a lake
COVENTINA (Celtic): Water goddess
GENEVIEVE (Celtic / French): White wave
GENEVIEVE (German): White wave
LEUCOTHEA; LEUCOTHIA (Greek): A sea nymph
MARINELLA; MARINELLE (Latin): Of the sea
MARISABEL (Latin): Of the beautiful sea
MUIRGHEAL (Irish): Knows the sea
WINNIFRED; WYNNIFRED (Welsh): White wave
AMPHITRITE (Greek): A sea goddess
BROOKLYNNE (English): Water; stream
CREIDDYLAD (Welsh): Jewel of the sea
MARINOCHKA (Russian): From the sea.

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