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Prettiest Girl Names

CHECK out our newest best picked 100 prettiest baby girl names at Baby-Girlnames blog, with their meanings.

The origins of these hundred names are the Greek, French, Latin, English, Spanish, Hebrew and Celtic.

1. ABBY (Latin) => Head of a monastery; short form of Abigail means "my father is joy"
2. ADELAIDE (German) => Sweet, noble. Beautiful capital city of South Australia
3. ADRIANA (Greek) => Rich, wealthy. Feminine form of Adrian
4. ADRIANNE (Greek) => Rich, wealthy. Variant names: Adriana or Adrianna
5. ALEXA (Greek) => Protector of mankind. Short form of Alexandra
6. ALI (Arabic) => Noble, truth, lofty, sublime. Variants: Aliya, or Aliyah
7. ALICE (French) => Of nobility, noble. Very popular girl name in Sweden and Italy
8. ALLISON (French) => Of nobility, noble, a variant of Alison
9. ANASTASIA (Greek) => Resurrection, being popular since the Middle Ages
10. ANGELINE (French) => Angel, diminutive of Angela. Popular in Austria

100 Prettiest Girl Names in the World

11. ANNA (Native American) => Mother (Algonquin)
12. ARABELLE (German) => Beautiful eagle
13. ARIA (Greek) => Melody. In Hebrew means "lioness"
14. ARIANNA (Latin) => Very holy one
15. ARIELLE (Hebrew) => Lioness of God
16. AURELIA (Spanish) => Golden, feminine form of Aurelius for girl
17. AVA (English) => Refuge in battle. Very popular name in the United States and Scotland
18. AVERY (Anglo-Saxon) => Ruler of the elves
19. AVIANNA (English) => Grace, favor
20. BELLE (Italian) => Beautiful woman, short form of Isabella
21. BIANCA (Italian) => White, popular girl name in US
22. BRIELLE (Irish) => Strong. Short form of Gabrielle. Top name in America
23. BRITTANY (Celtic) => From Britain
24. CALLIE (Greek) => Fun, short form of Caroline
25. CARISSA (Greek) => Love, Grace
26. CAROLINA (German) => Strong, Melody, Song
27. CELESTE (Latin) => Heavenly
28. CHANTALLE (French) => Singer
29. CHARLOTTE (French) => Petite, Feminine
30. CHLOE (Greek) => Blooming, Greek goddess Demeter. Popular name in France, USA, Ireland, Netherland, Canada, United Kingdom, and Scotland.

100 Prettiest Girl Names in the World

31. DAPHNE (Hebrew) => Victory, popular girl name in France and Netherlands
32. DIANA (French) => Roman Goddess of the Moon means heavenly or divine
33. ELENA (Spanish) => Shining light
34. ELISE (Hebrew) => God's oath
35. ELIZABETH (French) => Stranger, Lovely
36. ELLA (Greek) => Light, mercy. Top ten girl name in Canada, Sweden and Ireland
37. EMMA (English) => Whole, complete. Top name in Norway, Belgium and Denmark
38. FERNANDA (German) => Adventurous
39. FRANCESCA (Latin) => From France, Free
40. GABRIELLE (Hebrew) => God is my strength
41. GEORGIA (German) => Farmer
42. GISELLE (French) => Pledge, Vow
43. HAILEY (Scandinavian) => Hero
44. HARMONY (English) => A beautiful blending
45. IGRAINE (Arthurian Legend) => Mother of Arthur
46. ISABELLA (Hebrew) => God's oath
47. JANE (English) => God is gracious
48. JENNIFER (Celtic) => White wave
49. JESSICA (Hebrew) => Rich
50. JOHANNA (Hebrew) => God is gracious

100 Prettiest Girl Names in the World

51. JOSEFINA (Spanish) => God wiIl multiply
52. JULIA (French) => Youthful, a feminine form of Julius
53. KAELYNN (English) => Keeper of the keys
54. KATE (Greek) => Pure, innocent, a short for of Catherine
55. KAYLA (English) => Keeper of the keys
56. KAYLEE (English) => Pure, Innocent
57. KIANA (Hawaiian) => Moon Goddess
58. KYLIE (Australian Aboriginal) => A boomerang
59. LACEY (French) => Place name, variant of Lacy. Popular in Scotland
60. LAUREL (French) => Laurel plant, the bay
61. LAUREN (French) => Laurel, variant name of Laura for girl
62. LEAH (Greek) => Woman, delicate, weary
63. LEIGH (Gaelic) => Poet, meadow or pasture
64. LEILA (Irish) => Name of a saint. In Arabic means night or beauty
65. LENORE (Greek) => Light. See also Nora
66. LILY (Latin) => Flower name, the symbol of innocence and beauty.
67. LUCY (Latin) => Riches, light. A feminine form of Lucius
68. MAGGIE (Scottish) => Pearl. Short form of Margareth
69. MALLORY (French) => Mailed. Being popular since TV series "Family Ties"
70. MARILYN (English) => Waterfall, star of the sea. Modern form of Mary
71. MEGHAN (Greek) => Strong. See for boys names. It's a variant of Margareth
72. MEREDITH (Welsh) => Protector of the sea, goddess
73. MIA (Italian) => Mine. It's also a short form of Maria
74. NADIA (Slavic, Russian) => Hope. Very common girl name in Russia
75. NATALIE (Latin) => Born at Christmas

100 Prettiest Girl Names in the World

76. NICOLE (Greek) => People's victory
77. NOELLE (French) => Christmas
78. NORA (Hebrew) => Light, woman of honor
79. OLIVIA (Latin) => Olive tree, popular name for girl
80. OPAL (Indian) => Jewel. Fabulous name for girl who born on October
81. PEARL (English) => Pearl, a jewel name.
82. RAYNE (Latin) => Ruler, a variant of Raina and Rayna
83. RENEE (French) => Reborn
84. ROSALIE (Latin, French, German) => Rose. Taken from the name Rosalia
85. ROSE (Scottish) => Rose, the most popular flower in the world
86. RUBY (French) => Jewel, red gem, one of the four precious stones
87. SARA (Spanish, Hebrew) => Princess. It's also form of Sarah
88. SASHA (English) => Protector of mankind
89. SAVANNAH (Spanish) => From the open plain
90. SERENA (Spanish) => Serene, calm.
91. SOPHIA (Greek) => Wisdom, a girl name used since the 17th century
92. SUSANNAH (Hebrew) => a flower named Lily
93. TALIA (Australian Aboriginal) => Near water
94. THEA (Greek) => Healer, wholesome. The Greek Goddess of light
95. THERESA (Greek) =>Late summer
96. TORI (Latin) => Victory. In Japan, it means bird.
97. VICTORIA (Latin) => Victory, feminine form of Victor. Also a Roman Goddess
98. VIOLA (Latin) => Violet, a very popular first name for women
99. VIOLET (Latin) => Purple. This flower name is well-known since 1830s.
100. ZARA (Arabic) => Light, radiance. Great for naming girl whose exotic characters

Pretty Wulan In addition to the hundred names for girls above, there is a very unique and prettiest girl name from the eastern world, called "WULAN" which means "pretty moon light."

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