Sunday, July 1, 2012

Angels and Goddesses (Ten Letter Names)

Here are unique ten letter baby girl names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves that you may like and choose for your newborn.

These names are the latest part of seven articles. You might think the shorter names -- 2, 3 or 4, five (5), six (6), seven (7), eight (8), or nine (9) letter names.

TEN (10) Letter Baby Girl Names:

AETHELWINEEnglishFriend of the elves
AETHELWYNEEnglishFriend of the elves
AMPHITRITEGreekA sea goddess
EILEITHYIAGreekGoddess of childbirth
ENGLEBERTAGermanBright angel
ERESHKIGALBabylonianGoddess of the dead
PROSERPINALatinGoddess of the underworld
THERMUTHISEgyptianAnother form of Renenet
DAMGALNUNNABabylonianMother goddess
ENGELBERTHAGermanBright angel
GARMANGAHISAnglo SaxonA goddess worshipped in Lanchester
INTERCIDONALatinGoddess of birthing
PENTHESILEAGreekA queen of the Amazons
PENTHESILEALatinQueen of the Amazons
VIRADECTHISAnglo SaxonA Tungrian goddess
YAZDINDOKHTPersianAngelic daughter
ENGELBERTINAGermanBright angel
ENGELBERTINEGermanBright angel

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