Thursday, July 5, 2012

Names of Angels, Goddesses, Queens and Elves

Thinking of baby girl names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves? You may know the populer ones such as "Ava, Aubrey, Aubree, Angelina, Angela, Angel, Athena, Aubrie, Angelica and Angelique."

Other than top ten above, we have collected more than 400 names which may just right for your newborn.

These names are divided into 7 parts -- Names that are in 2, 3 or 4 letters, five (5), six (6), seven (7), eight (8), nine (9) and ten letter names.

Two and Three Letter Baby Girl Names:

KI (Babylonian) is Goddess of the earth
AJA (Babylonian): Babylonian sun goddess
ATE (Greek) is Goddess of irrationality
AVA (Persian) means waters, or name of an angel
AYA (Babylonian): Babylonian sun goddess, goddess of dawn
EIR (Scandinavian): Norse goddess of medicine
EOS (Latin) is Goddess of dawn
HEL (Norse): Goddess of the underworld
NOX (Latin): Goddess of night
NUT (Egyptian): Mythical sky goddess
ODA (German): Elfin spear
OPS (Latin): Goddess of plenty
RAN (Norse): A sea goddess
RAN (Scandinavian): Norse goddess of the sea
TIA (Greek): Goddess; godly
VOR (Norse) - an omniscient goddess.

Four (4) Letter Baby Girl Names:

ANGE (French) - angel
ANTU (Babylonian) - babylonian goddess of creation
CETO (Greek) - goddess of the sea
DEVI (Hindi) - goddess
DISA (Scandinavian) - goddess
EIRA (Scandinavian) - norse goddess of medicine
ELGA; ELVA (Anglo Saxon) - elf's spear
ELVA (Irish) - elfin
ELVA (English) - elfin; good counselor or elf
ENYO (Greek) - goddess of war
ERIS (Greek) - goddess of discord
ERMA (German) - war goddess
EYRA (Scandinavian) - norse goddess of medicine
GULA (Babylonian) - sumerian goddess of healing
HEHE (Greek) - goddess of youthful beauty
HELA (Norse) - goddess of the underworld
HERA (Greek) - queen of heaven
HERE (Greek) - wife of Zeus, queen of heaven
IRMA (German) - war goddess
ISHA (Indian) - goddess Durga, the female energy
ISHI (Indian) - goddess Durga
LIMA (Latin) - goddess of the threshold
LINA (Latin) - goddess of weaving
LOFN (Norse) - goddess of lust
LYDA (Greek) - mythological queen of sparta
MAAT (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of order and justice
MANI (Persian) - angelic
MEDB (Celtic) - a mythical queen
MUTA (Latin) - goddess of silence
NIDA (Native American) - elf
NIKE (Greek) - goddess of victory
NIUT (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of nothingness
NIXI (Latin) - goddesses who helped with childbirth
SELK; SERQ (Egyptian) - another form of Isis
TEAH; TIAH (Greek) - goddess; godly
UTTU (Babylonian) - spider goddess of weaving and clothing.

Related names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves:

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