Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7 Letter Names (Goddess, Angels, Queens, Elves)

Thinking of seven letter baby girl names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves? The populer one is Tatiana. It's a Russian name which mean "fairy queen." Tatiana was ranked #447 as one of the most popular baby girl names used in the United States in 2011.

Here, we have collected more than 400 names which may just right for your newborn.

SEVEN (7) Letter Baby Girl Names:

ADENYDDWelshWinged one
AERLENEAnglo SaxonElfin
ALFREDAAnglo SaxonElf power
ALFRIDAEnglishElf counselor
ANAHEEDArmenianGoddess of the moon
ANAHITAPersianGoddess of water
ANGELEEGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELEELatinMessenger, angel
ANGELIAGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELIALatinMessenger, angel
ANGELLEGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELLELatinMessenger, angel
ANGELYNGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELYNLatinMessenger, angel
ANUNITUBabylonianBabylonian goddess of the moon
ARGANTEArthurian LegendElven queen of Avalon
ARUBANIArmenianAncient Armenian goddess
ASTARTELatinPhoenician goddess of love
AYMELEKPersianMoon angel
AYMELEKTurkishMoon angel
BELLONALatinGoddess of war
BIBESIALatinGoddess of food and drink
CAMOENALatinGoddess of singing
DEVERRALatinGoddess of birthing
DONELLACelticDark - haired elfin girl
ELIVINAEnglishGood elf
ELLETTEAnglo SaxonLittle elf
ELLETTEWelshLittle elf
ELSWYTHAnglo SaxonElf from the willow trees
FERONIALatinGoddess of trees, orchards, and woods
FORTUNALatinGoddess of fortune, fortunate
FORTUNAItalianGoddess of good luck
HIMJALAHindiGoddess Parvati
HJORDISScandinavianGoddess of the sword
HYGIEIAGreekGoddess of health
IRMGARDGermanWar goddess
IRMUSKAGermanWar goddess
KULITTABabylonianGoddess of music
LORELLETeutonicElfin Laura
LORILLATeutonicElfin Laura
LOUELLAEnglishFamous elf
LUCINDALatinGoddess of childbirth
LUCINNALatinRoman goddess of childbirth
MAJESTYLatinRoman goddess of honor
MAMMETUBabylonianGoddess of fate and destiny
MARELDATeutonicElfin Mary
MARELDETeutonicElfin Mary
MELLONALatinGoddess of honey
MINERVALatinGoddess of wisdom
MYLITTABabylonianGoddess of fertility and childbirth
NEKHBETEgyptianMythical vulture goddess
NEMESISGreekGoddess of vengeance
NERTHUSAnglo Saxonancient Germanic Earth goddess
NINATTABabylonianGoddess of music
NINKASIBabylonianGoddess of intoxicating drinks
NUMERIALatinGoddesses of numbers
ODELINAGermanElfin spear
ORDELLAGermanElfin spear
PARENDIPersianAngel of prosperity
PHRYSIALatinHead goddess of Cybele
QAYZAFATurkishLegendary Queen of Morocco
RADELLAAnglo SaxonElfin advisor
RADELLAEnglishElfin counselor
RAGNILDNorseGoddess or warrior
RENENETEgyptianMythical goddess of fortune
SAKHMETEgyptianMythical goddess worshipped in Memphis
STRENIALatinGoddess of healing
SUADELAGreekGoddess of persuasion
SUADELALatinGoddess of persuasion
TARPEIALatinGoddess of death
TATIANARussianFairy queen
UATCHITEgyptianAnother form of Hathor
ZINERVARussianRussian form of the goddess Minerva

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