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6-Letter Names (Queens, Angels, Goddess, Elves)

Thinking of six letter baby girl names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves? You may know the populer ones such as "Aubrey, Aubree, Angela and Athena."

Aubree and Aubrey are French names that mean "rules with elf-wisdom." It's ranked #20 and #99 as most popular baby girl names used in the United States in 2011.

Angela is a popular first name used in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Greek Latin which mean "angel or messenger."

Onother good option may be "Athena" which is a goddess of wisdom and war in Latin. It's ranked #313 for popular baby girl name based on the U.S 2011 census.

Exclude from the top 4 above, we have collected more than 400 names which may just right for your newborn.

SIX (6) Letter Baby Girl Names:

ADEONA (Latin) - goddess of journeys
AFREDA (English) - elf counselor
AGNOLA (Italian) - angel
ALAIDA (Latin) - winged
ALETTA (Italian or Latin) - winged
ALLETE (French) - winged
ALVINA (English) - friend of the elves
AMUNET (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of mystery
ANAHID (Armenian) - goddess of the moon
ANGELA (French / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Greek/ Latain), means angel
ANGELE (Greek / Latin) - messenger, angel
ANGELI; ANGELL; ANJALI (Greek/Latin) - messenger, angel
ASHNAN (Babylonian) - goddess of grain
ATHENA; ATHENE (Greek / Latin) - goddess of wisdom
AUBREE (English / French) - rules with elf-wisdom
AUBREY (Anglo Saxon) - elf ruler
AUBREY (English/French) - rules with elf-wisdom
AUBRIE (English/French) - rules with elf-wisdom
AVERNA (Latin) - queen of the underworld
BUBONA (Latin) - goddess of cattle
CAPITA (Latin) - a name referring to the goddess minerva
CLORIA (Greek) - goddess of spring
CLORIS (Greek) - goddess of flowers or spring
CYBELE (Greek ) - goddess worshiped
DEVIKA (Sanskrit) - little goddess
EASTER (Anglo Saxon) - goddess of the dawn
EDESIA (Latin) - goddess of food
ELAHEH (Persian) - goddess
ELVENA (English) - good elf
ELVINA (Irish/English) - elfin; good elf
ELVINA (Anglo Saxon) - friend of the elves
ELVINE; ELVYNE (English) - good elf
ELWINE; ELWYNA (Anglo Saxon) - friend of the elves
EOSTRE (Anglo Saxon) - goddess of the dawn
ERELAH (Hebrew) - angel
ERLENE; ERLINA; ERLINE (Anglo Saxon) - elfin
FRIGGA (Norse) - goddess of matrimonial love
GWENER (Welsh) - welsh form of venus, goddess of love
HEMANI; HIMANI (Hindi) - goddess Parvati
HESTIA (Greek) - goddess of hearth and home
HYGEIA (Greek) - goddess of health
INANNA (Babylonian) - goddess of fertility, love, and war
INDIRA (Indian) - goddess lakshmi
IRMINA; IRMINE (German) - war goddess
ISHANA; ISHANI (Indian) - goddess Durga
JALAJA (Indian) - goddess of wealth - Lakxhmi, Laxmi
LEVANA (Latin) - goddess and protector of newborn babies
LEVEMA (Latin) - goddess of thieves
LUCENA (Spanish) - mythological goddess of childbirth
LUCINA; LUCINE (German/Latin) - mythological roman goddess of childbirth
LUELLA (English) - famous elf
MALIKA (Arabic) - angel
MAMITU (Babylonian) - goddess of fate and judgement
MODRON (Arthurian Legend) - a goddess
NANAJA (Babylonian) - goddess of sex and war
NANSHE (Babylonian) - goddess of fertility and water
NASCIO (Latin) - goddess of childbirth
NAUNET (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of the ocean
NIDABA (Babylonian) - goddess of learning
NIKITA (Russian) - goddess of victory
NINLIL (Babylonian) - goddess of heaven and earth
NINTUR (Babylonian) - goddess of birth
NISABA (Babylonian) - goddess of grain and learning
NITIKA (Native American) - angel of precious stone
ODETTE; ODIANA; ODIANE (German) - elfin spear
OILELL (Celtic) - a mythical queen
ORDALF (German) - elfin spear
POMONA (Latin) - goddess of apples
SAROSH (Persian) - obedience, an angel
SIDURI (Babylonian) - goddess of wine-making and brewing
TAURET (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of pregnant women
THORIR (Norse) - goddess
TIAMAT (Babylonian ) - goddess of the primordial waters of chaos
TORDIS (Norse) - goddess
TORDIS (Scandinavian) - Thor's goddess
TRIVIA (Latin) - another name for diana
UADJIT (Egyptian) - mythical cobra goddess
VENITA (Latin) - goddess of love and beauty
VIGDIS (Scandinavian) - goddess of war
YAZDIN (Persian) - angelic.

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