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Five (5) Letter Names (Angels, Goddess, Elves, Queens)

Thinking of five letter baby girl names that associated with angels, goddesses, queens, or elves? Everyone know the populer names like "Angel, Angie and Maeve".

Angel is a girl name originated of Latin and Greek which mean "angel; messenger." It's ranked #216 as one of the Top 1,000 most popular baby girl names in the United States 2011.

Angie is less popular first name compare to Angel. It's a Greek name which meaning "angel or messenger."

Onother great choice may be "Maeve," which is a name of mythical queen in Celtic. It's ranked #590 as popular baby girl name (U.S 2011 census).

Five (5) Letter Baby Girl Names:

ADAIN (Welsh) - winged one
ALEDA (English) - winged
ALETA (English/Latin/Spanish) - winged
ALIDA (Latin) - winged; with wings
ALITA (English/French) - winged
ALULD (Latin) - winged
ANATA; ANATU (Babylonian) - goddess of the earth and sky
ANGEL (Greek/Latin) - angel; messenger
ANGIE (Greek) - messenger, angel
ANGIE (Latin) - messenger, angel
ARURU (Babylonian) - goddess of creation
ASNAN (Babylonian) - babylonian goddess of wheat
AUBRY (English / French) - rules with elf-wisdom
CAPTA (Latin) - a name referring to the goddess minerva
COPIA (Latin) - goddess of abundance
ELFIE (English) - good elf
ELIDA; ELITA (English) - winged
ELVIA (Anglo Saxon) - elf
ELVIA (Irish) - elfin
ELVIA (English) - elfin; good elf
ELVIE (Irish) - elfin
ELVIE; ELVIN (English) - elfin; good counselor or elf
ELYTA (English) - winged
ENGEL (Anglo Saxon) - angel
ERELA (Hebrew) - angel
FREYA (Scandinavian ) - goddess of love and fertility
FREYA (Anglo Saxon) - queen of the gods
FULLA (Scandinavian) - norse fertility goddess
HAMIA (Anglo Saxon) - a syrian goddess
HEHET (Egyptian) - goddess of the immeasurable
HEQET (Egyptian) - mythical frog headed goddess
HORAE (Greek) - goddess of the season
ISARA (Babylonian) - goddess of oaths and queen of judgement
JANKI (Indian) - another name for the goddess sita
JARUL (Indian) - flower queen
KEKET (Egyptian) - mythical goddess of darkness
LEYDA (Greek) - mythological queen of Sparta
LOYDA (Latin ) - mythological queen of Sparta
LUELL (English) - famous elf
MAEVE (Celtic) - a mythical queen
MALAK (Arabic) - glorious, noble; angel
MALAK (Hebrew) - messenger, angel
MITRA (Persian) - name of a god/goddess
NAMMU (Babylonian) - sumerian goddess of the sea
NIKKI (Greek) - goddess of victory
NISSA; NISSE; NYSSA; NYSSE (Scandinavian) - friendly elf
ODILA; ODILE (German) - elfin spear
OLEDA; OLETA; OLITA (English) - winged
PALES (Latin) - goddess of shepherds and flocks
RAGNA (Norse) - goddess or warrior
RAGNI; RANDI (Norse) - lovely goddess
RHEDA (Anglo Saxon) - an ancient germanic goddess
SKADE (Norse) - goddess of skiers
TANIA; TANYA (Russian) - fairy queen
THORA (Norse) - goddess
VENUS (Latin) - goddess of love and beauty
VESTA (Latin) - goddess of the hearth.

Related names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves:

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