Sunday, July 1, 2012

Angels, Queens, Goddesses (Nine Letter Names)

FIND out nine (9) letter baby girl names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves that you may think are great choice for your newborn.

Example of 9 character name is Angelique. Widely used in French and Greek. It's also enter the Top 1,000 popular baby girl names in the United States in 2011. Angelique's ranked #380.

NINE (9) Letter Baby Girl Names:

AMASAGNULBabylonianBabylonian goddess of fertility
ANGELETTAFrenchLittle angel
ANGELETTEFrenchLittle angel
ANGELIQUEFrenchAngel; Like an angel
APHRODITEGreekGoddess of love
AUBRIANNEEnglishRules with elf-wisdom
AUBRIANNEFrenchRules with elf-wisdom
BELET-ILIBabylonianGoddess of the womb
BRIGANTIAAnglo SaxonYorkshire goddess
CLEMENTIALatinGoddess of tolerance and mercy
COVENTINACelticWater goddess
DISCORDIALatinGoddess of war
HARIMILLAAnglo SaxonA Tungrian goddess
HIMAGOURIHindiGoddess Parvati
HIPPOLYTAGreekQueen of the Amazons
HIPPOLYTEGreekQueen of the Amazons
HIPPOLYTELatinQueen of the Amazons
JALADHIJAIndianLakshmi - goddess of wealth
LATIVERNALatinGoddess of thieves
LIMENTINALatinGoddess of the threshold
MAANELFJEDutchMoon fairy
MEDITRINALatinGoddess of healing
MNEMOSYNEGreekGoddess of memory
NINEDINNABabylonianGoddess of books of the dead
NINKARRAKBabylonianGoddess of healing
QUINEVEREArthurian LegendArthur's queen
SARASWATIHindiGoddess of knowledge

Related names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves:

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