Monday, July 2, 2012

8 Letter Names (Goddess, Angels, Elves, Queens)

Check out these eight letter baby girl names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves that you may consider good for your kid.

Examples of these 8 character names: Angelina, Angelica and Angeline. They are in the Top 1,000 of most popular baby girl names in the United States in 2011.

EIGHT (8) Letter Baby Girl Names:

AELFRAEDEnglishElf counselor
AELFWINEEnglishFriend of the elves
AELFWINEEnglishFriend of the elves
ANGELENAGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELENALatinMessenger, angel
ANGELENEGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELENELatinMessenger, angel
ANGELICALatinAngel; Like an angel
ANGELIKAGermanLike an angel
ANGELIKAGreekLike an angel
ANGELINAGreekAngel; Messenger
ANGELINALatinAngel; Messenger
ANGELINAPortugueseLittle angel
ANGELINEGreekAngel; Messenger
ANGELINELatinAngel; Messenger
ANGELISAGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELISALatinMessenger, angel
ANGELITALatinAngel; Messenger
ANGELITAGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELYNNGreekMessenger, angel
ANGELYNNLatinMessenger, angel
ANGERONALatinGoddess of anguish
ANGYALKAHungarianMessenger, angel
ANJELICASpanishLike an angel
AUBRIANAFrenchRules with elf wisdom
AUBRIANAEnglishRules with elf-wisdom
CALLISTEGreekAnother name for Artemis
CYTHEREAGreekAnother name for Aphrodite
CYTHERIAGreekAnother name for Aphrodite
DEA ROMALatinGoddess of Rome
EURYNOMEGreekGoddess of all
FESSONIALatinGoddess who aids the weary
HEMAVATIHindiGoddess Parvati
IRMIGARDGermanWar goddess
ISHKHARABabylonianGoddess of love
LORRELLATeutonicElfin Laura
MAHADEVIIndianGreat goddess
MAJESTASLatinRoman goddess of honor
MAURELLEFrenchDark and elfin
MORRIGANCelticA war goddess
NEBT HETEgyptianMythical nature goddess
NEPHTHYSEgyptianGoddess daughter of Nut and Geb
NEVERITALatinGoddess of water, wife of Neptune
PASITHEALatinGoddess of hallucinations
PERIKHANPersianFairy queen
PHANESSAGreekMystic goddess of an ancient Greek
PILUMNUSLatinGoddess of birthing
RAEDSELFEnglishElfin counselor
RAGNFRIDNorseLovely goddess
RAGNHILDNorseGoddess or warrior
RAGNILDENorseGoddess or warrior
RHIANNONWelshGoddess of the moon
RHIANNONCelticDaughter of Hefeydd, goddess of the moon
SERAFINAItalianFrom the seraph, an angel
TUTILINALatinGoddess of harvest
WENHAVERArthurian LegendArthur's queen

Related names that associated with angels, queens, goddesses, or elves:

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